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There are 7 tips to speed up your metabolism. Calories do count, but it's also about how efficiently your body burns those calories. Your metabolism plays a big part in regulating your weight. Metabolism is the way your body uses up calories from the food you eat and turns them into energy.

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25 Characteristics of Healthy, Naturally Thin People

Part 1: 25 Characteristics of Healthy, Naturally Thin People

When I mentioned recording a hypnosis weight loss CD to a friend, the first thing she asked was, "Can you make me lose weight without exercise and having to watch everything I eat?"

I thought about this a bit and replied...

"Nope. Sorry."

I once worked in a very busy hypnosis center in Virginia Beach. I saw 4-7 clients each day, most of them wanting to lose weight. My clients' success rate was extremely high, and it wasn't just because I was an amazing hypnotist. Clinical research indicates that the majority of people who use hypnosis for weight management not only achieve their personal weight goals, but also maintain those goals (Journal of Clinical Psychology, 41 (1), 35-41; Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, 64 (3), 517-519).

I soon realized that most every client was a walking encyclopedia of weight loss knowledge. They knew about all the diets, which foods are healthy, which are fattening. They knew when and how often they should eat. They knew they should exercise. They knew everything.

They wanted the ability and the motivation to APPLY all that they knew. They wanted me to instill in their minds and their behaviors the characteristics of a healthy, naturally thin person.

So, I interviewed naturally thin people to learn how they think about food and exercise. As expected, the mindset was totally different, many things of which were extremely subtle, some surprising.

All of these traits, all of these attitudes and behaviors - these are what I gave to my weight loss clients. Like I said, they knew what to do. They just didn't know how.

When I began writing my session for the "Forever Slim" CD, I wanted to ensure without a doubt that people were given the absolute best information possible. So I approached Dr. Tanya Zilberter, one of the most respected nutrition and diet consultants on the web today. I am very fortunate to work with such a brilliant mind.

Together, she and I came up with a list of behaviors and characteristics of healthy, naturally thin people. I took this list and "inserted" it throughout a powerful form of therapy designed to effect a positive change.

Below is the list Dr. Zilberter and I came up with. Understand that many naturally thin people do not do everything on this list. What works for some people doesn't work for others. After I list these characteristics, I will explain how the Forever Slim CD is different and why it's so effective in helping bring about this positive, healthy change in people.

And so, here are the 25 Characteristics of Healthy, Naturally Thin People.

Naturally thin, healthy people:

Attitudes and Beliefs
1. Eat to live, not live to eat
2. Are not concerned about (concentrate on) their weight and appearance
3. Know how to reward themselves with pleasures other than food
4. Are optimistic and have positive attitudes
5. Are not selfish but are often friendly, compassionate, outgoing, etc.

6. When eating, focus on enjoying the food, not watching TV, reading, etc.
7. Chew their food slowly, savoring every bite
8. Leave food on their plate
9. Appreciate and prefer subtle taste of natural foods
10. Know what’s right to eat for their bodies

11. Make fruits, vegetables, and fiber-rich foods the bulk of their meals
12. Very rarely eat junk food (empty calories)
13. Avoid artificial sweeteners
14. Do not drink commercial fruit juices and soda
15. Drink 8-10 glasses of water each day
16. Drink a glass of water before each meal, upon awakening, and right before sleep
17. Never eat calorie-dense foods on any diet
18. Never eat carbohydrate-dense foods even on a low fat diet
19. Never eat fat-dense foods even on a low carbohydrate diet
20. Never eat when not hungry, just because it’s a meal time (even breakfast)

22. Are physically active - exercise 4-7 times a week
23. Have sufficient muscle mass (some form of strength training)

24. Know how to relax and do so often
25. Have good body image no matter what weight
26. Treat their bodies as a sacred temple, only allowing in purity of foods, purity of mind

Again, it's not necessary to have all 25 characteristics. As people become aware of these, they often slowly acquire more and more of these traits. Soon, it snowballs. People don't even realize that their desire for sweets has all but disappeared. They discover new, healthy foods. Their taste buds are heightened since sugars and preservatives no longer dull their palette. As a result, they begin to crave natural and live foods. They crave water. They crave the healthy feeling of being fit, of having muscle tone.
As people slowly acquire these characteristics, it becomes easier and easier to live as a healthy, naturally thin person.

All of this happens because people, possibly for the first time in their lives, intuitively become aware of what's natural for their bodies.

Some people can do this on their own. Others need a little push. The Forever Slim CD gives people that little push and helps them stay on the right track.

In the next article, I explain 3 aspects of the mind that, once aware of these, will make it easier to acquire and maintain your natural and ideal weight.

This article was Part 1 of a series entitled, "Forever Slim: How to Achieve and Maintain Your Natural and Ideal Weight."

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