What weight loss method have you tried the most?
I exercise and eat healthy
Fat burning pills or supplements
Structured diets (e.g. low fat, low carb)
Fad diets (e.g. Hollywood Diet)
Weight Watchers or similar
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There are 7 tips to speed up your metabolism. Calories do count, but it's also about how efficiently your body burns those calories. Your metabolism plays a big part in regulating your weight. Metabolism is the way your body uses up calories from the food you eat and turns them into energy.

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Flexible Dieting For Weight Loss and Fat Loss

What if I told you that being less strict with your diet could make it work better?

Learn how being too rigid of a dieter can actually cause you to fail on your diet, binge eat, and end up weighing more...

A Guide to Flexible Dieting

My name is Lyle McDonald. I'm an exercise physiologist and trainer whose advice has helped thousands lose fat and keep it off.

I'm known in the industry for my no-nonsense, no fluff, no BS approach to nutrition and training for fat loss.

I won't tell you what you want to hear...EVER

I believe in telling people the truth, telling them what they need to hear, even if it means cutting into my bottom line.

For years I've sought out dieting solutions that worked. I use a combination of scientific research, personal experience (and experimentation), along with the feedback I've gotten from clients, trainers, and elite fitness professionals.

Does this Sound Familar?

You've just started a new diet, convinced that this time it's going to be different and it's going to work. Everything is going fine, you're developing new eating and exercise habits and then the problem hits.

Maybe it's something small, a slight deviation from your diet. A cookie, that piece of candy that you just can't resist.

Or it's something bigger, a social event or a meal out.

Or, at the extreme, a vacation that comes up where you are going to be out of town for a week or more.

What do you do?

If you're like most people, here's what happens: you eat the cookie, figure you've blown your entire diet and might as well eat the entire bag. Clearly you were weak willed, the guilt sets in and it's all over.

Special events are even worse. Since it's going to blow your diet anyhow, you might as well just pig out and give up completely, right?

Vacations can be the ultimate horror, it’s not as if you’re going to go somewhere special for 3 days (or longer) and stay on your diet, right? Might as well throw it all out now and just eat like you want, gain back all the weight and then some.

What if I told you that none of that had to happen?

What if I told you that expecting to be perfect on your diet was absolutely setting you up for failure, that being more flexible about your eating habits would make them work better?

What if I told you that studies have shown that people who are flexible dieters (as opposed to rigid dieters) tend to weigh less, show better adherence to their diet in the long run and have less binge eating episodes?

What if I told you that allowing free meals (what some call cheat or reward meals) every week would make it work better?

That deliberately overeating for 5-24 hours (called a structured refeed) or taking a full 1-2 weeks OFF of your diet could make it easier to stick in the long-term AND make it work that much better?

"I've read a lot of diet books, and most have gotten me to lose weight, but this is the first book that helped me learn how to keep the weight off. And no other diet allowed me to eat the foods that I enjoyed and lose weight. This book helps you to figure out how to eat while losing, maintaining or gaining without getting into the minutia that other plans do. With this book I was able to go from around 20% bf to 14% without killing myself, and all the while maintaining the muscle mass I already had developed. I'm using right now to gain some more muscle mass while trying to limit body fat gained, with very good results thus far. I would highly recommend this as the first and possibly the last diet book that anyone could ever need."

- Mike, Washington

A Guide to Flexible Dieting includes

How to distinguish weight and fat loss

How your brain regulates your bodyweight

How diets fail dieters

How dieters fail on their diets

How being more flexible in your diet improves your chance of success

How to use free meals, refeeds and full diet breaks for optimal results

How to set up a maintenance diet, without counting calories

Much, much more

"I would like to commend this easy to read book which describes in adequate detail the logic and science behind a flexible approach to dieting. This is the one for people who want to customize their own eating plans going from basic principles that work and are backed with research. This is not a cookie cutter or paint by numbers approach for dummies, but a method of thinking flexibly about the whole business of adjusting diet to suit one's needs, whether for weight loss or maintenance."

- Dr V Lewis. Queensland Australia

No filler, no fluff, no pages of full color supplement ads like other products. After reading this book, you'll understand more about successful dieting behaviors than you ever thought possible.

The book also includes:

Eight eating guidelines that will let you maintain your bodyweight without counting calories A five step method of setting up a maintenance diet

How to design an optimal moderate diet

How to adjust any fat loss diet for maximal results

A Guide to Flexible Dieting will change the way you approach your next diet, there are no guarantees but why not give yourself the best chance possible?

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